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Auto Service & Maintenance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

When you need auto service or maintenance, from small jobs to major repairs, turn to Hondura in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Typically, we service Honda™, Toyota™, Acura™, and Lexus™ vehicles.

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At certain mileage points, as scheduled by the vehicle manufacturer, service is recommended. For example, a maintenance checklist should be conducted at 30,000 miles. Preventative maintenance will often save you a lot of money in the long run. Other regular services include tune-ups, oil changes, and others.

Our pricing is far less than dealer costs, and we keep your budget in mind when recommending services.

We do not perform collision work, upholstery repair, or painting.

Checking Oil, Auto Maintenance in Oklahoma City, OK

Request an estimate for auto repair or contact us if you have a breakdown in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.